Proposal #35. Bostrom pre-network launch

by savetheales on 2021-05-30

Bostrom canary network is coming and cyber~Congress team want to propose the protocol for pre-bostrom and bostrom networks launching.

  1. Start pre-bostrom network as soon as it ready for launch.
  2. Incentivise the pre-bostrom network for validating with 50 GCYBs per month by the lifetime discipline protocol.

Rationale: The euler-6 network and the Game of Links have exhausted and the cyber~Congress team intends to move on with the brand new network. The launch is a complex task and that why we want to test the network before the canary network launch. The best option for testing is bringing to the community the working network. We chose the way with running incentivized pre-network release for collecting and fixing bugs and, also, for defining the network params.

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