by savetheales on 2019-01-08


Start: 2018-12-17

End: 2018-12-28


42 . This number has haunted us. I’m not kidding. 42 participants came to our conference, cyberc0n, and now there are 42 members in our dev chat. Mystic…

However it was a new year sprint! We have done quite a lot in this sprint and are proud of that!

What exactly we are proud of? First public testnet. What does it mean for you? You can do your best for the future Internet with testing our chain as a validator. Follow full explanation here and join our dev Chat finally!

Future of browsers has it first serious release :) Welcome to Cyb 0.1.0 - Euler! For us, it’s the best way to experience web3 at this moment. Try Chaingear in Kovan with Cyb, explore IPFS content and finally play Dragonereum with Cyb! We’re waiting for your bug reports and feature requests as soon as possible! We have tutorials for you, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

Good news is that Chaingear has deployed to mainnet, but we need some more polishments before you can actually use it.

Finally, we’re glad to announce our substance! It guarantees everyone a warm place in Genesis of Cyber protocol. This substance called CBD and is accounted here. This substance is not the final product and serves as transparency tool for Genesis and decision-making in cyberFoundation. Oh yeah. Yeeeeeh! Now we have cyberFoundation - the Aragon organization!

The purpose of this organization is to empower community around Cyber protocol. The upcoming golas are: - distribution of CBD substance - formation of community in Aragon organization around cyber:// protocol development - boost utility of CBD tokens through integration with current Ethereum projects of cyberCongress

That is it! :) One sprint left before the current block and we’ll departure to Thailand for brainstorming, planning, and development. It just got a few loose ends to tie up and… continue to work :)


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