Cyber: Computing the knowledge of the Great Web

by savetheales on 2019-12-13

by @savetheales

I’ve been worked on it for almost 3 years. I want it shining!

2019.12.01 @xhipster and @litvintech have released The whitepaper - cyber: Computing the knowledge of the Great Web. This is the result of 3 years of painstaking work, discussions, and durability tests.

This idea goes side by side with a ready implementation. The high risk to be misunderstood is a Great adherence to the principles.

How Gavin did that?! He had a polka-dotted background! Give me a black background!

We tried to do our best with those 14 pages… for shining :)

We have the most complicated distribution of known to me from any projects. But it’s beautiful.

Decentralization must be decentralized. And we have shown that in the distribution module!

Now, with the equations in place, the whitepaper looks really serious!

We really love this doc and this is only just beginning.

Don’t believe, don’t fear, don’t ask.


p.s. This weekend I’ll post the Game of Link rules. And remember the date 2019.12.20. This is the launch date.