euler-5 workshop videos

by serejandmyself on 2020-02-14

Sometimes, stories do not occur as expected. Often, they might not even have a beginning… In the depth of a faraway galaxy, the light of which is barely even seen from Earth, hope is born. Hope that one day good will overcome darkness. Scattered through the night of the Cosmos and bypassing space debris, a ray of light reaches Earth…

On the 20 December 2019 AD (Earth time), after almost a year of hard work, we released Episode 1. A day after, the sexy, public launch of Euler-5 took place. Today we are publishing the videos from the euler-5 launch workshop, straight out of cyber~House. We believe these videos are a must-watch, for anyone who believes that a better google is doable.

Playlist on cyber•Academy

Long story short, thanks to cyber•Academy here is your must-have euler-5 playlist:

Ceremonial launch

The ceremonial launch of the euler-5 testnet, in which we talk about what cyber is and why we are launching it:

Links to video in IPFS, white paper in IPFS and youtube video

Cyber Roadmap by @litvintech

The most exciting talk. In which @litvintech outlines further work on cyberd:

Links to video in IPFS, presentation in IPFS and youtube video

Cyb Roadmap by @xhipster

An overview of cybs roadmap and development, your friendly, immortal robot for the Great Web, by @xhipster:

Links to video in IPFS, presentation in IPFS and youtube video

Ecosystem and Community by @serejandmyself

Our ecosystem development lead @serejandmyself talks about what shapes cybers ecosystem and how to talk to god:

Links to video in IPFS and youtube video

@savetheales talks about what masters and heroes need to bootstrap and play Game of Links:

Links to video in IPFS, presentation in IPFS and youtube video

Node and Infrastructure set-up by @mrlp4

A step-by-step video guide of how to set up your cyber node and configure it correctly:

Links to video in IPFS, youtube video and Validator onboarding guide

Unedited footage by cyber•Academy

Raw 5-hour long youtube video from the launch ceremony

May the code be with you…