First Week in Dragonereum

by hipster on 2018-12-06

First Week in Dragonereum

One week ago I wrote about Dragonereum. One week passed since the launch … And I have some really exciting numbers to you.

Some in-game results

  1. More than 13 of genesis EGGs sold out.
  2. 2400 DRAGONs can live forever!
  3. More than 250 addresses in the game
  4. More than 7500 fights done! That is 3 fights per dragon or 30 (!) per address
  5. 28k transactions. That is more than 100 per address.
  6. Market for GOLD established. ~0.00005 ETH per GOLD gives us a cap of 3000 ETH or $300k. Markets of dragons, eggs, and breeding are also ready :-)
  7. CryptoAndGamers is the coolest dragon in the universe - DSI 82.48

Dragonereum is the biggest gas burner last week in the whole Ethereum network. I don’t have exact numbers but using observations from the gas station I bet one dragon that game burned 15% of the weekly gas supply. This and this

Last week Dragonereum was a heartbeat of Ethereum! Amazing results Dragon Masters!

Benchmark against Decentraland

I don’t think that Decentraland is a competing project. Vice versa I am sure that Dragonereum and Decentraland complement each other. I believe that Dragons will be able to travel in Decentraland someday. But some numbers would be useful:

The main conclusion is that either Decentraland is highly overestimated or Dragonereum is underestimated or both.

Benchmark against CryptKitties

Again I don’t think that Cryptokities in any sense competing with Dragonereum. It is like comparing simple, primitive toy with a complex, complete game. Some guy at Arena told me that kitties are a good meal for Dragons, usually at breakfast.

The main conclusion is that Dragonereum did not reach a scale of the user base of Cryptokities. But some numbers shows early signals that Dragonereum is more engaging.


  1. Verified on stateofdapps and now 6th in global dapp rating
  2. Verified on dappradar and now 20th in global ethereum rank
  3. The game is officially supported by 2 crypto browser vendors: Cyb and Buntoy.

Now we are sure that we have a huge room to grow and thank you, everybody, who is in THE GAME!

Test cyb - the best browser for Dragonereum. Follow cyber•Congress blog to get updates on all web3 movement.

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