Migrating the fuckgoogle validator

by serejandmyself on 2020-10-09


Last spring, members of the cyber~Congress team and Cyber’s community decided to launch a Cosmos hub validator, ‘fuckgoogle’. The idea behind it was to promote Cybers word to the masses and to progress forward with no bullshit politics for the hub.

Recently, Tendermint announced a new round of delegations of ATOMs and ‘fuckgoogle’ was one of the receivers of such a delegation. The team behind the validator is thankful that its work for the Cosmos hub was recognized by Tendermint, however, after much consideration, we decided to shut down ‘fuckgoogle. But the story doesn’t end here and has a great twist to it.

The migration story

One of the launching members of ‘fuckgoogle’ and the ecosystem developer of cyber~Congress aka has launched his own podcast last spring. The podcast is called Citizen Cosmos. After some consideration and talks with the Tendrmint team, we have decided to fully pass the possession of the validator into the hands of Citizen Cosmos.

cyber~Congress is the launching DAO behind Cybers superintelligent computer for answers, we have already built numerous projects within Cyber, such as our own version of a decentralized Google and a decentralized hardcore analogue to Twitter. But that’s far from our end goal. We see Cyber evolving into a great knowledge-specific hub within the larger Cosmos ecosystem, and although we are happy to help evolve the Cosmos ecosystem, alas, we do not personally agree with a lot of political decisions on the Cosmos hub itself.

That doesn’t mean we will stop developing Cosmos. Recently we have integrated with Keplr, integrated CosmWasm, took part in GOZ, and are working on numerous ideas that will help evolve the Cosmos ecosystem.

With that said, we believe that our best bridge to Cosmos hub can be established via the Citizen Cosmos podcast. Their work has already been recognized by the ICF and from other ecosystem projects, like IRIS-net, Bitsong, etc. We firmly believe that this decision will benefit both, our own ability to concentrate on building Cyber hub, and will benefit Cosmos hub, in the eyes of a new validator, that is supported by the ICF and the community.

We wish good luck with the Citizen Cosmos validator and are in the midst of the migration. #fuckgoogle