Proposal #33. Updates to the Game of Links

by savetheales on 2021-04-23

On March 6th, the Game of Links final was prolonged until the 1st of May by proposal #28. The rationale behind the proposal evolved around the development of the next stage of Cyber, the Bostrom canary network. That proposal mentioned that if the allocated time won’t be enough, the Congress team will propose a new timeframe, and here it is:

  1. Prolong the final of the Game of Links until the ~3 weeks deadline before the launch of Bostrom. This means that we’re going to close the disciplines of the game, only with the knowledge of the launch date.
  2. Change the distribution of disciplines(load, relevance, lifetime, delegation) to 500 GCYB.

Rationale: As expected, the Congress team requires more time for the launch of the Bostrom canary network. We need a running network to keep developing and onboard new community members.

We would like to include new players, that have joined Cyber over the last few months of the game. Furthermore, our goal is to make the Game exciting and honest for all players, in light of any changes. Organic distribution is the success key for the growth of a blockchain project, and we don’t want to miss out on future masters and heroes.

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