Genesis ceremony

by serejandmyself on 2020-03-31

Greetings cyber aliens, cosmonauts and other citizens of cyberspace!

By now, you are probably aware that we are transitioning from euler-5 –> euler-6, which will contain quite several awesome upgrades, like the integration of CosmWasm, upgrades to the latest Cosmos-SDK, on-chain upgrades and much more. The upgrade also follows the activation of the crisis protocol of the Game of Links and the fix to the bug. Read the full transition article here.

Euler-6 testnet

The launch of euler-6 will take place on 04.04.2020 at 15.00pm UTC. Make sure you dust off your machines for validation and take part in the genesis ceremony described below.

Genesis ceremony

The genesis ceremony allows for a more decentralized launch. It is a process in which future validators that wish to secure the network, take part in signing a special file, which is then added to the genesis block. This allows validators to start signing blocks from the very beginning!

The genesis ceremony will start with the publishing of this post and will last up to 03.04.2020 at 12.00pm UTC. From 12.00pm UTC on the 03.04.2020 until 04.04.2020, 15.00pm UTC, cyber~Congress will be responsible for publishing a hash with the genesis signatures. During that period validators that have their signatures added should be shining their launching machines and getting ready.

To participate in the genesis ceremony you should submit a pull request with the signed transaction to the launch-kit repo.

The process is fairly straightforward and anyone is welcome to participate. Regardless of whether or not you were validating cyber previously. In a gist, you need to:

The IPFS hash of the genisis:


The full, detailed process and a guide of how to do this is described in the launch-kit. Make sure you read and follow the instructions carefully.

We will support anyone who wishes to take part in the ceremony in our TG chat. If you have any questions regarding the process or the ceremony itself, don’t hesitate to ask them in the chat.

! Please note, that participation is welcome, however, you should remember that this is a very responsible event. If you do add your keys to the genesis file, you should be ready to be online, with a configured node when the launch takes place. If you are unable or unsure about this, please refrain from taking part in the ceremony, as this might lead to the halt of the network launch.

Euler-5 and future testnets

On block 1580000 we will stop supporting euler-5. This means that on this block we will take a snapshot of the pre-commits of the existing validators and links as described in the migration proccess.

The pre-commits made during euler-5 will, of course, be accounted for in euler-6. As previously stated, you will have to re-link your cyberlinks manually. We will provide a guide on how to do this seemingly in the coming days.

The takeoff is nearing every day: #fuckgoogle