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by savetheales on 2018-11-16

by @savetheales


Hi everyone! In our agreement phrase “open-source” appears for six times! Not bad for 2 pages of agreement, isn’t it? We believe in this mighty power and have no vision of evolution without it.

Today I want to provide insights into our communication with open-source community and collaboration process.

A little bit more than half of the year ago we learned gitcoin. For more details you can explore their platform. I just want to tell that we really excite with it. This is solution around incentive problem in open source and it really works!

So after few tests we have developed gitcoin process where we try to define rules of the game where our team is motivated to involve and gitcoin contributers have incentive to jump the boat.

This is not final solution. It must stand the test of time and iterations but we sure that it should work!

What does it mean for our community? We want to pay you for your contribution! We constantly fund our issues on gitcoin and attach good description for them with project state and user stories. See the list below article as a proof. We try to answer to comments regular in issues and in our devChat.

Honestly for now we are selective in issues that we fund. We are looking for organic evolution that is why our growth happens little by little. It’s doesn’t mean that we ban funds for all feature requests by community and concentrating on our issues only. Exactly no! We just leave prioritize with issues to us for now. But if you have abilities to fund feature request for your personal - do it! I believe that it will make great boost for our organic growth. :)

Another important point is that we are looking for hiring through gitcoin. Yes we need passionate and young souls for our projects. But we refused to standard corporative hiring process. For us it is really long, boring and power-hungry. With gitcoin we kill two birds with one stone. Actually this is another killer feature from gitcoin :) and that is why we love it :)))

Every two weeks I’ll write about gitcoin and our states in our blogs. There will be short articles with good funded issues around all communities, short analytics new features observes and so on.

As I promised… List of opened issues for 2018/11/16: - Decreasing Gas Consumption, Audit

Our page on gitcoin with full list of issues

So let’s build our open-source community and let’s do it with incentive :)

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