Proposal #19. Updates to the Game of Links

by savetheales on 2020-12-25

December 3rd saw an outgoing transaction from the cyber~Congress multisig account to over 56 addresses, that participated in the first step of the takeoff donation round. According to the rules of the Game of Links, after the distribution, the final of the game should have kicked off, and was meant to last for 21 days. We feel that there hasn’t been enough time to unlock the potential of the Game and propose to prolong the game:

Prolonging the final

The final of the Game of Links will lasts, at least, till March 1st, 2021 00:00:00 UTC instead of December 25th, 2020, 00:00:00 UTC.

Rationale: The next stage of development for Cyber is the Bostrom canary network. We believe that we should prolong the support for the current network, till at least, March 1st. If this won’t be enough time, we will propose one more prolongation, with updated distribution params in the future. We want to include all the new players that have joined Cyber over the last few months in the game. Organic distribution is the success key for the growth of a blockchain project and we don’t want to miss all of our future masters and heroes.

Increase rewards

Discipline rewards will be increased to 2 TCYB. We prefer round numbers and propose the following values:

Discipline GCYB
relevance 1100
load 500
delegation 250
lifetime 150
total 2000

Rationale: we expect more users and players this winter as a result of our actions. Since we want to increase the time of the final, it’s obvious, that we also need to increase rewards.

Uniform the full validators set discipline

Rationale: it is obvious, that it is virtually impossible to accomplish the discipline with the current conditions. A solution is to calibrate the discipline.

Heroes GCYB
42 1000
73 2000
100 3000
146 5000


By voting “yes” I agree with the above updates to the rules of the Game of Links.