> cyber hello cybercongress

by hipster on 2018-11-12

Hi! Today after almost a year of stealth work we want to introduce you cyber•Congress.

We are a community of scientists, developers, engineers and craftsmen which is build around some arbitrary consensus and is founded by @litvintech, @hleb-albau and me.

We have so much of exciting ideas but in the following years we are going to focus on web3. We feel that browsing, search and database technology can be moved towards more open and accessible internet: the internet for our generations.

We are going to enjoy this journey together with our amazing team: @savetheales, @asadovka, @olga584, @vstavetski, @pechalka, @arturalbov and @cyberadmin.

We are big fans of communities around ethereum, ipfs and others who are building this exciting future together.

In the following weeks we are going to share some details of our work on cyb, cyberd and chaingear.

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