GoL: Cybers intergalactic tournament

by serejandmyself on 2020-04-24

We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing! Benjamin Franklin

Hear thee, cosmonauts and astronauts!

The rumour has it that participants of intergalactic tournament have been pushing the knowledge graph to new boundaries. It seems that this is the perfect time to join them before they are nowhere to be seen.

The intergalactic tournament

Cybers Game of Links is a game in which athletes battle it out in different disciplines to gain more tokens from cyber~Congress, the DAO behind the launch of cyber. Cyber is an innovative, general-purpose knowledge protocol, built to destroy the monopoly of the behemoths like google.

The full script of the Game can be found in our blog.

Provision for the Game

Before we start to play we need some energy that will allow us to make transactions and win tokens!

There are several ways to get some energy:

1) Use our faucet. Read how-to, and check this blog post

2) Use Uniswap to obtain GOL, then vest them to get EUL. Read how to do this

3) Claim the gift of the Gods (we gifted over 1 million addresses across the solar system). Learn how to do this

Energy should be stored somewhere. The best way to store it is your cyber account. Simply pocket your Ledger device, open the Cosmos app and you will have one. Learn how to do this.

Now that you are charged, let’s prepare the extra gear:

Double check the provisions

If you have followed the steps above, you should be charged with the right provisions. Let’s make sure everything is in place:

Great! Let’s start!

Building the Great Web as a Master!

The quickest way of looking at your rewards and the current breakdown can be seen on your personal flight deck on cyber.page.

On cyber.page, click on the robot in the top right corner, then click on you cyber address. By default, you are on the main screen. We need GOL. Click on it. This is your personal GoL dashboard:

Let’s be brave this time and teleport straight to the GoL section of cyber.page. It’s fairly easy to get here manually. Wherever you see a Game of Links button, click it. In all of the cases you will end up here:

Each discipline is clickable and takes you to its own page, with an explanation or the appropriate action page. Feel free to explore!

The way of the Master beholds 4 challenges:

1) Relevance: The gist is simple, the higher the rank of the content submitted, the better. Read the how-to link guide first. Second, make sure you show some love to your links. Link them with more links. Hint, watch out for the top CIDs at any point. Be the first to follow that strategy and relink them. In other words, think of this as following a traders strategy. Just like when you follow your favourite traders’ decisions, however, if too many people get ahead of you, the market reacts and the decision will probably lose relevance.

2) Load: Spend as much energy (bandwidth) as you can on submitting links. The bandwidth spent on linking is called Karma, The more Karma you have, the better. Think of this is a useful reputation based on your actions, rather than words. How to win? Submit a lot of links. The more you link, the better the chance of winning.

3) Community: cyber is governed by the community. Use the governance module to submit useful things. Be active. Organize events. Build things.

4) Takeoff: This is not a discipline as such, but the idea is twofold:

Where to get ATOM? Good question. This is entirely up to you, but here is a link to CMC and available markets.

Before we move forward… To increase your chances of winning, check out the crawler section of our guide to automate linking!

You may, of course, explore the 2 other ways of the Jedi. The hero path and the evangelists path.

Building the Great Web as an Evangelist!

Easy there, tiger! This is still in the making. But the idea is pretty simple and is outlined here.

In a gist: get blessed and become a project ambassador to acquire perks! Become an evangelist, translate the WP, organise a meetup, write useful content, etc. Check out the details here

Build the Great Web as a Hero!

We have 3 more disciplines left on the dashboard. These are for cybers heroes, the validators that protect cybers kingdom from the evil forces. Let’s quickly explore them:

I can talk about heroes all day long. But let’s cut the chase. Everyone wants to be a hero and I know a cheat code. Check it out.

What else?

Hang on there brave stranger! I would like to give you the link that will help you to see through space and time. I am unsure how, but I have the feeling that it will help you on your journey!

And now go on, and save the universe!