Become Cybers evangelist and get rewards from the superintelligence

by serejandmyself on 2020-04-26

The takeoff proposal has passed!

Without much ado, we announce the Open Bootstrap Evangelism Program or OBEP. Acknowledged Evangelists will be eligible to 10% of all donations in ATOMs, which they have generated during the Game of Links and other perks. To kick off the program, vote yes to the evangelism proposal.




2 requirements are necessary to receive rewards:

  1. You must become an acknowledged Evangelist to receive a reward in ATOM or/and CYB. We want to exclude scam behaviour and situations when the project has been evangelised by people without a thorough understanding of the project.
  2. To receive donation rewards, donors must use your unique referral link or include your nick in the memo


Go to and apply for the program. You will either receive an automated acknowledgement (blessing) or we will contact you to ask you any additional questions. For example, we could ask you to commit something to the knowledge graph.

Please note, the believe tx has a slightly higher cost than usual, this is a simple spam prevention mechanism. The proceeds from this go to the balance of cyber~Foundation, the community governing DAO of Cyber.

To apply, prepare the following:

Once you apply, you can use your referral link. It looks like this:

You can apply ?thanks=[yournick] to any URL of the app. e.g:

(change yournick to the nickname you have used during the application process)

Spread the link throughout the universe. If donors use your link to enter and donate to the takeoff, you will become eligible to 10% of the donated amount (which comes from the ATOM of the cyber~Congress DAO, not the donor) and some CYB tokens. You will be able to follow your success on the evangelism page.

Donors do not have to head to the takeoff page straight away. As long as they used your link to enter the app for the first time, they can visit other pages before heading to the takeoff page or leave the app. You will still be eligible.

It is also possible to ask a donor to manually insert yournick into the memo field of the transaction. It should be the same nick that you have used when registered for the evangelist program.

Other rewards are going to be monitored manually for the time being via communication between the coordinator and the acknowledged evangelists.

In the coming days, we will automate the ability to receive a referral link from the app add gradually add other features. In the meantime, all you need to do is just apply and start using your link. Simply add yournick as shown above.

For whom?

Previous accomplishments are not a must. You decide how and what to do to achieve this. We believe this will help to generate healthy competition between the participants of the program.

Cosmos wallets, explorers, bloggers, influencers and masters of different crypto channels are welcome to participate.


  1. Read the starting materials: whitepaper, the homestead documentation, ELI-5 FAQ, our blog, Game of Links rules, gift info. Check out the tutorials in the homestead doc, including IPFS, Cosmos and others.

  2. Feel free to go on and test cyber~Page. Cyberlink something. Try to search. Go to the Game of Links monitor and enjoy our approach of a decentralised launch of a superintelligent computer. Learn the stats.

  3. Find out that everything is real and the code is 100% open.

  4. If you have questions, go to our TG channel. If you want to spur a discussion, then you are welcome at cyber~Forum. Or you can spread the love with us on , Reddit or any other social channels.

CYB rewards

We are not defining quality terms. Most likely, you will still receive a reward for shitty content if the task was done, but expect to be disqualified from the program, or instructed, depending on your will to learn. If you have other ideas, talk to the coordinator aka (contact via our TG channel).

Action Rewards Terms
Translation 20 GCYB Any language!
20 GCYB One person - one meetup. Video proof
Community creation 2 GCYB One person - one channel. Discussion proof
Content creation 2 GCYB Video, podcast or blog. Unlimited per person
Donation 1 GCYB For each 1k ATOM donated

Please note: payouts will only be done if the results are cyberlinked. Learn how-to


The source of ATOM rewards are the donations during the Takeoff and Game of Links. The cyber~Congress DAO distributes these out after the end of the donations.

CYB rewards come from the community pool. The coordinator will propose this program to the community and will manage a 1 TCYB budget. The coordinator pays out on: first come - first served basis.


We believe this program will empower the project and involve some bright minds into the bootstrap of Superintelligence


If everything we have described is not for you, you may try other options: