Prepare for Takeoff

by xhipster on 2020-03-05

The initial plan was to Takeoff in a week after the launch of euler-5.
But so many details were hidden from bootstrappers.
Now, as they feel confident in the success of the venue,
its time for the final preparation.
Are you ready for Takeoff?

Dear comrades! This is a very important letter to our modest company!


Valerka and I decided that we had gained the necessary critical mass to take off the ground. We need to focus solely on what is important, and take away everything that isn’t before this date. We have a lot of cool ideas, but the most important thing for the project right now is for the knowledge graph to, literally, acquire value. No matter how much it will be valued at: 1 ether or 1 million ether. It must not be only valuable for us but for all who wish to use it. In the coming month, we will include all the necessary mechanisms for this, no more no less.




I know that everyone on the team strongly believes in the project! It’s cool that we have that! I want to say thank you for your support. It would be impossible without you. Let’s gather all our will for this month and release the network, app and foundation in the best possible way!

What’s next?

After the start of the donations, much will change in the project. There will be more responsibility. We will need to listen to the community more. We will need to struggle for the main goal of the Game of Links: 300k ATOMs. But all that is going to be exciting