Let's code in paradise

by savetheales on 2019-01-25


Start: 2019-01-08

End: 2019-01-21



After a successful launch we have faced a few problems with our blockchain: - not enough validators - rapid blocks generation - confused naming

Good news: we have solved it already, but validators are still welcome!

Secondly, we’ve prepared a whitepaper 0.4. It’s still immature, but for launched testnet with economic incentives it makes sense.

I need to remind once again for all who care about web3 and decentralized search engine to join the discussion in our telegram dev chat.

Thirdly we’ve updated Chaingear UI and soon it will be deployed to mainnet, so probably at my next report, I’ll glad to announce you the most expensive database!

For sure it will be available in our Cyb.

Finally, our Block is near to the end and we’re ready to plan new achievements for the next Block 3. The last sprint of the Block 2 has started. We are on Samui now :)


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