The show must go on

by savetheales on 2019-02-06


Start: 2019-01-21

End: 2019-02-01


This sprint was not easy for us. We had worked on bug fixing and improvements, and, also, adapted to the new climate.

What exactly is ready? Testnet Euler drives like hell. It’s too easy now to launch own node or validator and start linking principally new Internet.

Is it hard to? Alright! Testnet Euler is now available in cyb. So you can link the new Internet with great UX.

And finally, Chaingear was deployed to Mainnet. This is a good reason to register some popular domain as someone already made. So .com and .porn are busy already :)

But what am I going to say?

Today, exactly today we can say: “cyber•Search destined to be”! Our 3 repos in the complex formed sustainable entrance point to web3. We have started winter round of private donates from friends because in search we trust!


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