The last call for takeoff

by savetheales on 2020-11-27

These are the last days of Cybers takeoff round and this is a good time to draw some initial conclusions.

We’ve started the takeoff donation round on 30 of March 2020, we then updated the rules of the round on the 27 of April 2020, following a governance proposal.

Our aim was to distribute 100 TEULs and 100 TCYBs to ATOM donors. 100 TCYBs will be distributed to donors proportionally per their donated ATOMs and the order of the transactions. The function of the token distribution is:

f(x) = 40 * x + 1000
where f(x) - TCYB price in ATOMs, and x is the amount of TCYBs won

Regardless of the donated amount, 100 TEULs will be distributed to all takeoff donors at the end of the round, proportionally per the ATOM they have donated. These EULS are to be used during the 21-day final of the Game of Links.

Here are the exiting results of the takeoff:

On 01 of December 2020 members of the cyber~Congress DAO will run this script to prepare transactions for the first step of the distribution and will make 2 multisig transactions in Cosmos and Cyber networks. The script will execute:

The last call for the takeoff: you are still able to take part in building the Great Web :)