The show must go on!

by savetheales on 2020-11-12

Surely, most of you have paid attention to our previous announcements that the donation takeoff round was prolonged. The decision was pushed by a governance proposal to finish it off with a beautiful date and give the cyber~Congress DAO a bit of extra time to design the next allocation round. This means that the Game of Links will finish exactly a year after it begun. A year is a long enough time to come to conclusions about the Game itself and the community, and finalize the next development vectors.

The takeoff donation round will finish on Dec 1, 2020, 00.00.00 UTC. This means that the Game of Links will go into its final round for another 21 days, and then, will cease to exist in its current form. The final round of the Game of Links is the time when we will unleash EUL tokens to donors. This will allow making crazy things with a much higher concentration of stake (in the hands of those who played over the past year) and make significant influence on the outcome of the Game.

As described in the Game of Links guidelines we will be distributing EUL tokens to donors after the end of the takeoff, and then, 21+ days later, we’ll publish the results of the Game of Links. Those results will be included in the mainnet.

Stay safe and play the Game of Links 🙂