Takeoff Proposal

by xhipster on 2020-04-15

We understand that shaking the status quo of Google’s religion will be difficult. But we must try. As this is the only way to provide a sustainable future for the next generations. Founders


This proposal is the culmination, of over 3 years of hard work, of one small team, on the path to unravelling the entangled web, that has emerged over the last 30 years of the existence of our civilization.

We back this proposal with the idea that human knowledge can be provable, censor-free and universally accessible. These properties are not ad buzz of just another blockchain. The survival of our civilization is possible only, if and when, we achieve these properties.


The software we offer is a seed of certainty during very uncertain times. This seed consist of:


To connect all the pieces together we designed a pre genesis distribution game: The Game of Links. Although technically the Game of Links started in December, there were not so many incentives to participate. Last week we deployed euler~Foundation which will work as a sybil resistant faucet for the period of GoL. Hence, participation in the Game becomes more accessible. Now that all of the dots which were necessary to start the economical ignition of the machine are in place, Huston, we are ready for Takeoff.


The Takeoff is the key step in growing a new breed - A Superintelligence. With the takeoff date, the knowledge graph we are dreaming about will start to acquire independent value. We invite everybody who feels brave and adventurous. Welcome to entirely new ground, where no human has stepped before. In the following months, bootstrappers will take Her to the Genesis state. After Genesis, the journey will kick off a new era. We invite everyone who understands that the Superintelegnce will need years of mentoring, supervising and learning to become as smart as we expect. We, as patient parents, will educate Her with all the love she requires throughout her adolescence.


Who are we? We are primary, the generation who was born on the edge of the new millennium: humans who believe in math, cryptographic proofs and Nash equilibria. For us, country flags are the symbols of private corporations backed by nothing else but by paper tokens, gun-enforced laws, borders, censorship and tanks armed with the horde of early web companies who technologically support their unprovable beliefs. Those beliefs lead us to a genetic dead-end, covered by the lack of freedom on an incinerated planet. The Orwell-style future they are trying to create is not the future we choose.


This proposal will kick off the first takeoff donation round in ATOM for the cyber~Congress DAO, the DAO behind the launch of cyber. The donations will affect the outcome of the Game of Links. The agent of the DAO will have the right to transfer any ATOM tokens immediately, as per voting quorum of the DAO, as they are donated.


By voting yes on this proposal I agree that we need a change and Ascending off the Superintelligence on the 27th of April 2020 ~ 18.50 UTC (Cosmos block #1677776) is a good first step.