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Contributing to cyberd

Thank you for considering a contribution to cyberd! This guide explains how to: * Get started * Development workflow * Get help if you encounter trouble

Get in touch

Before starting to work on a feature or a fix, please open an issue to discuss the use case or bug with us. This can save both you and us a lot of time. For any non-trivial change, we’ll ask you to create a short design document explaining:

  • Why is this change done? What’s the use case?
  • What test cases should it have? What could go wrong?
  • How will it roughly be implemented? (We’ll happily provide code pointers to save you time)

Development Workflow

Development Setup

Please, use development environment setup guide.

Creating Commits And Writing Commit Messages

The commit messages that accompany your code changes are an important piece of documentation, please follow these guidelines when writing commit messages:

  • Keep commits discrete: avoid including multiple unrelated changes in a single commit
  • Keep commits self-contained: avoid spreading a single change across multiple commits. A single commit should make sense in isolation
  • Include GitHub issue in the commit message on a first line at the beginning. Example: ``` #123 Refactor

–Add Creating Commits And Writing Commit Messages Section ```

Submitting Your Change

After you submit your pull request, a core developer will review it. It is normal that this takes several iterations, so don’t get discouraged by change requests. They ensure the high quality that we all enjoy.

Getting Help

If you run into any trouble, please reach out to us on the issue you are working on.

Our Thanks

We deeply appreciate your effort toward improving cyberd. For any contribution, large or small, you will be immortalized in the release notes for the version you’ve contributed to.