Upgrade Guide
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How to upgrade cyber node with cosmosd

Upgrade to newer version of binaries will be covered in this guide. Go-cyber using cosmosd upgrade manager and upgrade module for on-chain upgrades.

If you set up your node using this Run validator guide it should be pretty eady to prepare for upgrade.


Current upgrade named Darwin, so all further referencies will be made to that name. Overal upgrade process is basically tied to changing binary file of the cyberd to new version, at the same time for all validator nodes. Governance proposal for upgrade will define name for upgrade and block in the chain, when this upgrade should happen. New binary file must be pre-compiled (or downloaded), and placed rigth inside .cyberd folder. Whole uprade process is as simple as theese steps:

  • newly compiled cyberd binary file is being placed into correct directory

  • when desired upgrade block comes cosmosd catches event and stops cyber node

  • cosmosd starting node from new binary file from the directory with upgrade name

Cosmosd explained

Cosmosd is a tool designed by Regen-Network devs. It is designed for smooth and configurable management of upgrading binaries as a live chain is upgraded, as well as makes syncing a full node for genesis simplier. The upgrade manager will monitor the stdout of the daemon to look for messages from the upgrade module indicating a pending or required upgrade and act appropriately.

Since the version 0.1.6 (Euler-6) upgrade module has been integrated to cyber, which add possibility to make new kind of proposal called software-upgrade. This proposal, if passed, set specific block or time when upgrade should happen as well as specifies unique upgrade name. By default cosmosd is launching deamon file that is located under DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/genesis/ folder. When upgrade time comes cyberd generates to it’s stdout sting looks like following:

Jul 16 17:25:11 mars cosmosd[5791]: E[2020-07-16|17:25:11.325] UPGRADE "darwin" NEEDED at height: 2000:     module=main

Cosomosd catching that string at deamon stdout, stops cyberd and changes symbolic link current from

current -> /root/.cyberd_testnet/upgrade_manager/genesis

to new one according with upgrade name

current -> /root/.cyberd_testnet/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin

After link changed to new binary cosmosd will attempt to restart node using new daemon binary file.


There is a few checkpoints each validator must comlpy with to make upgrade succesfull:

  1. Correct version of cosmosd

  2. Correctly set cyberd.service file

  3. New cyberd binary file is compiled and placed correctly

Let’s dig into each point separately.

Cosmosd version check

Cosmosd must be compiled from the latest commit of cosmosd-repo. Correct commit is 984175ff7c0a3815dcf2e99329cb3fbf7d7bb0b9, so if you have cosmosd repo cloned on your node just do:

cd /path_to_cosmosd/cosmosd
git log

and make sure current commit is same or newer than 984175ff7c0a3815dcf2e99329cb3fbf7d7bb0b9. Released version 0.2.0 has a bug, which will fail upgrade. So if your cosmosd folder loks like this


you are on the wrong version, and will have to correct this.

In case when you removed cosmosd directory, it’s advised to clone repo again and rebuild cosmosd to make sure you on 100% correct version.

To get correct version do the following:

git clone
cd cosmosd/
go build
service cyberd stop
mv cosmosd $DAEMON_HOME/
chmod +x $DAEMON_HOME/cosmosd
service cyberd start

Attention - please, build cosmosd from latest master and double-check your version

Cyberd.service check

Cyberd.service responsibe for cyberd operation must be 100% similar to current doc.

To check it open

sudo nano /etc/systemd/system/cyberd.service

and verify that it identical to followng (of cource, except usernames and path to folders):

Description=Cyber Node

ExecStart=/home/ubuntu/.cyberd/cosmosd start --compute-rank-on-gpu=true


The most important part is


Because it was missing in out earlier versions of run validator guide, and higly important for node start after upgrade.

If service file was modified, systemd must be reloaded to apply changes:

systemctl daemon-reload

Prepraing new cyberd binary

Upgrade will be released with tag v0.1.6.3, so technically all that required to get it is pull changes inside cloned go-cyber repo:

cd //go-cyber/
git reset --hard
git checkout master
git pull

and then build all in the same way as during setup, cuda code first, cyberd binary next:

cd //go-cyber/x/rank/cuda/
cd //go-cyber/
make build

After all above done, new cyberd and cyberdcli binaries must appear inside ~/go-cyber/build/.

Next we need to create folders tree with upgrade name and place binaries to appropriate location (all of the following execute form go-cyber directory):

mkdir $DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/
mkdir $DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin/
mkdir $DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin/bin/
cp build/cyberd $DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin/bin/
cp build/cyberdcli /usr/local/bin/
cp build/cyberd /usr/local/bin/
chmod +x $DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin/bin/cyberd

To check that everything builded correclty run:

$DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin/bin/cyberd version

Version must be v0.1.6.3.

And verify upgrade_manager folder from .cyberd directory looks like following, run


it migth require installing tree

then check that your upgrade_manager directory looks similar:

├── current -> /root/.cyberd/upgrade_manager/genesis
├── genesis
│   └── bin
│       └── cyberd
└── upgrades
    └── darwin
        └── bin
            └── cyberd

And here thats it for preparation side. It everythng set correctly upgrade will happen automatically.

After upgrade current link will be automatically changed to current -> /root/.cyberd/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin

Upgrade itself

When upgrade proposal will be submited and upgrade block will come, cosmosd will do following on all nodes across the chain automatically:

  • Stop cyber node

  • Change current link to-> .cyberd/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin

  • Start node

As soon as there will be more than ~66.66% of voting power at succesfully upgraded validators, chain will continue block production.


This manual would not cover docker setup, for that case you’ll have to manually build new conatiner and start it over the node state, instead of old one, manually at/or after the time of the upgrade.

Manual upgrade

If something goes wrong and cosmosd didn’t start with new binary at upgrade block you need do following:

  1. Stop cyber node:

     service cyberd stop
  2. Go to .cyberd directory and remove current link:

    cd /$DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/
    rm current
  3. Create new symbolic link to directory with upgraded binary

    ln -s /$DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/upgrades/darwin/ /$DAEMON_HOME/upgrade_manager/current

    that will point cosmosd to correct binary location.

  4. Start cyberd service

    service cyberd start